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Paper Cup

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The use of printed insulated paper cups with a logo and promotional prints is a popular and cost-effective way to promote your brand. Unicup’s paper cups are an excellent advertising medium. By printing your logo or your company imagery on our cups, you reinforce your brand presence, its recognition and you are getting wider reach among various audiences. The designing and production process is simple: just send us your logo, ideas or approved graphic design in our paper cup template and within 24 hours Brilliant Packaging Suppliers will send you printing layout and mockup for acceptation.

When producing paper cups we do our best to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our cups are high-quality products resistant to high temperatures. The risk of getting your hands burnt has been minimized through the use of innovative solutions. Nowadays, not only large companies can afford individual paper mugs. Branding of packaging can also take place on a smaller scale and for smaller companies. This is especially the case for catering services….D.C. Paper and Plastic Industries manufacture Brilliant Packaging Suppliers Printed Paper Cups for over 10 years. Our Digital Printing facility meets the strict production and quality standards of our factories that are ISO 9000 certified. he company’s factory is located in Afula, Israel and exports its products to happy Clients in countries around the world. Paper Cups Digital Printing technology is the Perfect Solution for high-quality printing for small quantity print runs at a very reasonable cost. Digital printing on disposable cups for coffee and cold drinks saves the cost of the printing plates and setup – so you are actually only paying for the cost of the cups. With our technology, every Coffee Shop & Buffet can brand themselves as a big chain! YES, you can Brand Hot & Cold drinks Paper Cups with your company’s logo and design. Cups printed in digital printing allow you to brand any company and office event: Conferences, Exhibitions, Launches, Employee Events, and ongoing use. The Digital Printing quality of printing is superior to Flexo and Offset, which Brilliant Packaging Suppliers use for large print runs. With our Digital 300dpi print resolution, your design will be more realistic than ever before.

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Brilliant Packaging Suppliers Digital Cups Superior print quality makes it possible to produce beautifully branded paper cups without traditional printing restrictions – you’re welcome to challenge us with special designs because this technology is designed for this. Please Contact Us Or Get a Custom Quote.

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